Proven, Progressive Voices for Palmerston North’s Best Future

We’re here to champion stronger communities, healthy environment and our children’s future while ensuring Council operations are more effective, efficient and accountable. 

We've made real gains in restoring our river, managing down Council emissions, empowering community action, increasing transparency, improving active and public transport, building social housing, creating better working conditions, and protecting nature.

But there is much yet to be done for the future our children deserve.

The Greens bring proven, progressive, diverse voices to City Council.  With your support, we promise to keep working to transform Palmerston North into a more vibrant and sustainable small city, where families and communities thrive in a healthy natural environment. 

We need your vote to turn that vision into reality.

We’re asking you to give the Greens your #1 and #2 vote this year, so Kaydee Zabelin and Brent Barrett can work to represent you and help transform Palmerston North for a truly sustainable, thriving future.

We’re building a positive, energetic, community-connected campaign.  If you’d like to meet us, connect with the Greens campaign, volunteer with us or just say hello, please get in touch now.  We love making community connections.

Together, we can ensure a bright future for your city.

Meet your candidates

Brent Barrett

For Palmerston North City Council

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Kaydee Zabelin

For Palmerston North City Council

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Latest News

Basics & Beyond

With the election just weeks away, I’ve been out warming up the shoe leather again - hearing from locals about what matters to them.  

Sometimes it is the big things.  Like doing our bit to solve the climate crisis and enjoy the benefits of a low carbon economy.  

And sometimes it is the little things.  Like cleaning up a grotty corner, or trimming a tree.  

But over and over, one thing comes through loud and clear.  

People expect and deserve to have their local services, streets and facilities up to a high standard, and to know a watchful eye is kept on Council spending. 

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