Kaydee Zabelin

In changing times, our city needs leaders who respond with positive energy, long-sightedness and outside-the-box thinking – that’s what I’ll bring to Council.

I’m a values-driven, future-focused mother-of-two, with a wealth of experience in Mātauranga Māori, resource management, the justice system, and community arts. I’m a qualified analyst, former legal secretary, and business advisor with a knack for asking hard questions and reading between the lines.

I firmly believe that local decisions need local voices and local values. In Council, I’ll actively seek your views with open ears and an open mind. I’ll be a representative who invests in the people who call Palmy home; the small Palmy businesses who are adapting to changes on so many fronts; and the Palmy communities who are doing their best in responding to the uncertain times we’re living through.

We have so many excellent things going on here in Palmy – we’re the best place to raise a family, to have a small business, to feel connected to many parts of our diverse community.  But we face major challenges in the next few years.

With your support, I’ll work to fix clunky bureaucracy that delays action. I’ll energetically champion mental health, youth and family services, road safety, resilient businesses, and community connectedness as we respond to change. I’ll champion funding and opportunities for groups and projects working to support our communities and businesses to adapt to disruption and uncertainty.

Focusing on realistic decision-making in the face of rising costs, supply chain disruptions and a changing climate, I’ll work collaboratively across Council and communities to balance efficient, high-quality services with a long-sighted, sustainable vision for a resilient future, with the values of our families and communities leading the way.

For the values of our communities, the health of our environment and the future of our children, vote #1 Kaydee Zabelin.

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